Chrysocolla belongs to a very small group of gems containing copper, which also includes Malachite, AzuriteParaiba Tourmaline and Turquoise.

Chrysocolla is most famous for its alluring, vivid blue to green cyan colour, which is due to the presence of copper impurities. Chrysocolla is often confused with turquoise and azurite, owing to their shared visual similarities of colour and luster. 

Chrysocolla can be found in copper deposits all around the world. The most notable Chrysocolla sources include Israel, the Congo (Zaire), Chile, England, Kolwezi, Katanga (Shaba), Mexico, Peru, Russia, and the USA (Arizona, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Michigan and Pennsylvania). Arizona is known to produce some of the finest chrysocolla available today. The Timna Copper Mines of ancient Israel were famous for mixed Chrysocolla specimens. Western Australia is well-known for a Chrysocolla pseudomorph of Azurite.

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Chrysocolla 42x29mm Oval  Cabochon

Chrysocolla 42x29mm Oval Cabochon

Chrysocolla 42x29mm Oval Loose Gemstone Cabochon 6.5 mm profile 68.65 ct/ 13.73 ..


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