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Every Gemstone Creates It's Own Story

My first experience of semi-precious gemstones was back in the early 90s while traveling through Asia. The classic old story of an inexperienced young traveler being lured into a jewellery shop on the streets of Delhi...

Having only been accustomed to High Street jewelers in London selling cheap diamonds, emeralds and rubies, routinely set in 9ct gold, I was immediately fascinated by the range of colours and textures of the gemstones I discovered in India. My first question was, "Are these real!?" The shopkeeper took my arm and lead me to the stockroom and with great pride began to show me sack after sack of rough gemstones. I quite honestly had never seen anything like it! And I ended up spending 3 days in that shop to the utter dismay of the other people I was traveling with.

I also ended up spending quite a chunk of money acquiring far more jewelry then I knew what to do with.

A few weeks later I sold those gems in Bangkok, that was the beginning of life in gems.

20 years have passed and I have worked in pretty much every facet of the jewellery and gemstone trade. From the design and manufacture of silver and gemstone jewellery through wholesale and owning several offline retail stores. My continuing journey to seek out rough gemstones has spanned the globe many times. I've discovered jewels and had them cut on site by artisans whose skills are simply extraordinary. It's been an incredible journey of opportunity, lasting friendships and loyalty - I'm still working with many of my original contacts today.

Some of the gems available on this website where purchased back in those early days, and some are very hard to find now in any quantity or quality. Item's like Turquoise, Sunstone and Moonstone, to name but a few.

Gemstones have truly allowed me to live a life less ordinary. The places I've been to and the people that I have met have truly enriched my life. It is my sincere hope that you like the Gemstone Cabochon website and get as much pleasure from the gemstones that I offer as I do myself, and that your journey, your story, with your gemstones will be as rich and romantic as my own.

Ricky C.
Gemstone Cabochon