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My first point of reference

For as long as I've been buying and selling gemstones, there have been 2 go to books from which I draw information on all aspects of gemstones. "Love is in the Earth. A kaleidoscope of crystals" is the updated reference book describing the metaphysical properties of the mineral Kingdom. "Love is in the Earth. Mineralogical Pictorial", covers the geological aspects of gemstone kingdom. With photographs and information on over 700 gemstones and minerals, these 2 books really do make up what I consider to be  the Bible of the gemstone world. 

These books have been written by a crystologist how goes by the name of Melody. Melody is a Scientist residing in Colorado, who holds a Bachelor of Science & a Masters Degree in Mathematics. Her extensive understanding of the Mineral Kingdom has led to worldwide interest through her series of books. 

Melody's literary odyssey into the gemstone world explains in some detail, geological and gemological subjects such as, the Mohs hardness scale, locality, and chemical composition. To the more ethereal subjects of preparatory methodology ie. Cleansing crystals, acquiring crystals and charging crystals. Practical applications for crystals ie. Meditation, manifestation, protection, elixir's and energising liquids, and the laying on of stones for aura and chakra work.

Melody begins the "Kaleidoscope of crystals" book with a message to the reader. Explaining that the information contained has been derived from "hands on" experience, geological research, folklore, experimentation and channeled information. She goes on to explain that the channeled information and the "hands on" experiences have both been validated via further experimentation in a controlled environment.

The "Love is in the Earth" series of books is not my only point of reference when blogging. But over the years I have come to really trust Melody, and I follow what she's up to on her website. These days she is much more into crystal healing. But she still publishes updates for the world renowned "Love this in the Earth" series of books. If you're serious about your gemstones, I strongly recommend these books.

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