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Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a gemstone with a colour range of light grey/brown to almost black. The colour is caused when clear quartz is naturally irradiated from deep within the earth or by UV wavelengths. Over the years the different colour ranges of smoky quartz have acquired different names. Morion is the name used by the German and Danish speakers, and is generally associated with a very dark almost black smokey quartz. Cairngorm is another name, and relates to the much paler version of smoky quartz. This crystal is found in the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland. 

As with all quartz minerals smoky quartz vibrates in a very unique way (see my earlier post "electric gems" for more information), thus making it a powerful healing stone and excilant for meditation. Smoky quartz emits wavelengths that provide a protective barrier around the user that can absorb all forms of negativity. 

Smoky quartz is also known "as the stone of cooperation", bringing together the energies of many, and focusing them on a common goal. 

Smoky quartz it's a beautiful gemstone, either when faceted or in cabochon form. It makes great jewellery for women and men and is inexpensive. For those jewellers amongst you who haven't yet used smoky quartz, you might want to consider it. Drop me a line if you have any questions.

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