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Friends are Friends Discounts

A great big thank you has to go out to those of you who have introduced your friends to my website. To show my appreciation, I am launching a 'Friends are Friends' program. If you have friends, family colleagues or associates who you think would benefit from a 20% discount on gemstones for jewellery making projects, here's how it works!

1. Firstly if you haven't already registered, you will need to do so to become a member of the Friends program.

2. If your are already registered, you'll need to drop me a line so that i can send the unique code you share with your friends. This will entitle anyone you send it to, to 20% off there 1st order.

3. Once your friends make a purchase, I'll will then send you a Friends Thank You Code. Which will entitle you to a 2 months 20% discount for each time your unique invitation code is used. So if 2 people use your unique invitation code, your affiliate code will be active for 4 months. If 4 people use your invitation code. Than your affiliate code will be active for 8 months, and so on.

So what are you waiting for. Get this code out to all of your jewellery making friends, and take advantage of some big discounts.

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