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Black Opal Triplets

Black Opal so beautiful gemstone from Australia. Ranges in color from grey to black, the best of which can display a full spectrum of colours. For as long as I have been selling black opal triplets, there has been the odd question about the word triplet. Mainly along the lines of what is a triplet. When asked I explain as follows. 

Black opals are sold in 3 ways. Solid. Doublets, and triplets. Solid opal is as it sounds. A solid piece of opal that has been cut and shaped to bring out the very best of its colours. Doublets and triplets are something completely different. If the opal is too thin to cut into a solid, it may be combined with other minerals to form a workable gemstone. A doublet is a thin layer of the precious opal, backed with a dark coloured mineral, such as onyx or obsidian. A triplet is similar, but the opal is sandwiched between the dark layer at the back and a dome of clear quartz on top. The quartz takes a high polish and acts to protect the opal. 

Opal is the stone of the mystics, the "dreamtime" stone. It helps one to understand the higher powers of intuition and mysticism. It can be used to instill faithfulness and loyalty, both at home and at work.

Well I hope this blog helps to clear up any misconceptions or misunderstandings relating to opel triplets. Drop me a line if you have any specific questions, I'll always do my best to help.

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