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Green Aventurine

This weekend I have my son. That's great, but busy. He has a street dance class in the morning. I pick him up from there at 12 and going to my brothers to watch the Arsenal game which starts at 12.30, and he has BT sport, and my son is an Arsenal supporter, because I'm an Arsenal supporter. It's a genetic thing. After Arsenal beat Tottenham we'll go and see if my dad. I haven't seen him since last week. That's not cool. Look I guess what I'm trying to say is. I haven't got the time to do this blog. This blog, that you are now reading. My weekend is too busy doing family stuff. If it wasn't for green aventurine this blog would never have got done.

Green aventurine is a quartz spangled with mica and is found mainly in India. Green aventurine enhances creativity, and motivation. Which is just what I needed to get this blog done. It also reinforces ones decisiveness and amplifies ones leadership qualities. Now you know some of you gunna need that on Monday morning. Go get'em tiger. 

Green aventurine is associated with a forth chakra or heart chakra which is the center of compassion in spirituality. All green stones are loving and soothing. With a liberal smattering of ecstasy, exhilaration and joyfulness.

If you wrap all of these qualities together, then you're looking at an excellent stone for promotion at work. So if you haven't got one then I expect to hear from you soon. Have a nice weekend everybody.

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