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Snowflake Obsidian

Winter is well and truly here, and the big coats are out. London's 1st snowfall for 2 years settled on Tuesday morning. It's long gone now, leaving just the cold behind. The new year is long behind us, and resolutions made, a distant memory. It's enough to put you in a funk. But not of the musical kind. This could be a bad case of the mid winter blues.

We can dispel those negative thoughts with a gemstone called snowflake obsidian. A black glassy volcanic gemstone with inclusions of a white mineral [spherulites] the structure of which, when polished resembles snowflakes. The majority of commercial snowflake obsidian, is from the BlackRock area in Western Utah, in the United States. That makes sense, right.

There are many forms and varieties of obsidian. The common theme throughout all forms of obsidian, is that of transforming negative vibrations within an environment, and providing a field against negativity. That's good for dispelling the negativity that can come with the mid winter blues, don't you think. It also produces very blunt answers. Focusing ones inner vision, and stimulating pictures of the required course of action. Like, go book that holiday. As an example. 

So I've done a little something to try and help those of you who think you could be suffering from the mid winter blues. Yes, that's right, I've issued a new coupon. The code is Winter2015, and it's worth 20% off all orders in the month of February. So if you haven't got any snowflake obsidian at this time of year. Then what are you waiting for. It's good for the blues, man.

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