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Today's blog was going to be about Arsenal. As they are playing today in the Premiership. (In fact by the time this blog goes out they may well have already played and won I hope). And in my need for them to do well, I was going to suggest a gemstone for mental fortitude and continued momentum. But then I noticed in post by Kim Anisi, on the subject of Cpt Kathryn Janeway from the Star Trek series Voyager. How random I thought, that's okay because I love Cpt Janeway. So dose Kim it turns out. I left a comment agreeing with her on all points, and confessing my anxiety regarding my blog for today. Along with Sarah Arrow, we got into a bit of on FB chat. (Apologies once again Sarah, i had honestly written that post before I saw yours). Sarah suggested that if I'm having a problem finding inspiration today, then maybe I could do a blog on the same subject, off the back of Kim's. What a fantastic idea, I thought. Because I love Cpt Janeway! Did I already mention that? (And I think I might of been a little envious of Kim's excellent blog about my Captain). I ask Kim for some help in this area, in reference to Janeway's biggest frailties as a captain. Areas in which she might need some assistance in life. There were a couple of prominent ones, but the one that resonates the most with me was relaxation. Or in Janeway's case the lack of it. Kathryn's eyes always seemed to be popping with the need to solve the next problem. She was always on the move, hardly ever sat down. I can't ever remember her sleeping. I can only remember her having one love interest, and that didn't go nearly far enough. ( i'm not gonna get caught up in that area in reference to relaxation. Not today anyway. But yes that would've probably helped). Captain Kathryn Janeway definitely needs to chill, and I've selected Jasper to help her achieve that.

Jasper is a chalcedony that comes in many forms and colours. Jasper is known metaphysically as a stone of gentleness, comfort, and relaxation. When its protective energies are also considered, it's no wonder jasper is sometimes called the "nurturing stone." In the mental and emotional realms, Jasper is primarily about peace and relaxation. It enhances one's ability to relax and come to peace even in difficult situations. This helps bring in wholeness, emotional healing, kindness, and comfort. Jasper also helps to remind one that they are not on their own, that there are people around who want to help and provide love. 

I think this gemstone would've worked wonders for captain Janeway. Although she did seem pretty receptive to the idea of a man. That could probably have done the trick too. What do you guys need. Let me find a gem for you.

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