The Finest Cabochon Gemstones in the World

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I'm a relatively new blogger, and I haven't found the process particularly easy. But a the news event yesterday prompted me to write what I think is probably my best blog so far. The news event was the parole of Eugene de Kock. I was so angry that I stopped writing the blog that was almost finished, and started again. It turned out to be the quickest blog that I've written so far, and it came with such ease. Unfortunately this morning I found myself back at square one. It got me thinking about inspiration and the creative process. There are a number of gemstones that can help facilitate creativity. But today I'm reaching for just one. Garnet.

Garnet is not actually a single gemstone, but a group of several related minerals. As such it comes in many different varieties, and a whole range of colours. Yellow, green, orange, brown, pink, purple, grey and black are the colours that these varieties display. But the most common gem quality garnet's are red. Of all of the transparent gemstones garnet is the most magnetic due to the high concentrations of iron and /or manganese. 

Garnet is also known as the stone of inspiration, and helps to guide one during times of contemplation. Balancing peace and solitude with harmony and activity. It's regarded as sacred stone by Native American Indians who believe in its creative energy.

It's a common stone, you or your partner may well have a piece of jewellery that contains garnet. If you don't then maybe you should consider buying a piece. On those days when creativity and inspiration are lacking, just hold it. Allow garnets natural electromagnetic energy to permeate your aura and see what happens. What harm can it do?

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