The Finest Cabochon Gemstones in the World

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Sunstone is a bright orange feldspar gemstone. And like most feldspars it displays on the surface of the gem. In this instance it's a brilliant, spangled effect.The optical effect of sunstone is called a shiller, and is due to the presence of copper in the mineral. 

Deposits of this gemstone have been found in Norway and the United States.

On a more spiritual/metaphysical level, sunstone can be used to encourage independence and originality. It's also said to encourage good luck in games. So I'll be sending a parcel off to the Emirates Stadium to insure that Arsenal reach the top 4 and stay there until the end of the season.

Another beautiful and underrated gemstone. OK that's it for today. Short and sweet, which is a shame. I really would like to devote a bit more time to this gemstone. But I gotta go finish my tax.

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