The Finest Cabochon Gemstones in the World

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Labradorite is another one of my favorite gemstones. The plate like composition of this feldspar stone, causes iridescent (labradorescent) changes in colour, from peacock blue to coppery red and dusky gold. 

Its name derives from the island of Labrador, where the stone was first discovered in the 18th century. Since then deposits have been found in Finland and the Ukraine.

Without the iridescence Labradorite is a dull and unremarkable gemstone. But the iridescence changes it into something that is quite spectacular. The energy produced by this stone is the same. Allowing one to discover new solutions to problems, and reveal new opportunities in life. Labradorite is a very useful stone for energy protection, as the ever changing colours prevent negativity from attaching. It also makes one mentally tolerant of those who subconsciously drain your energy.

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